The culture of eating,  its extraordinary beauty and originality, developed for centuries in Shirvan, on the territory of modern Azerbaijan. Antony Genickson, English navigator, who visited Shemakh - the capital of the ancient state of Shirvan - in the 16th century wrote that he was very impressed by the number of dishes served at the Abdullah Khan's feast that numbered a total of 250.

Natural diversity of the region and years of Silk Route passing through it predetermined the content of most beautiful and extraordinary tasting dishes.

Desire to reveal to a wider audience the treasure that the Azerbaijani cuisine is defined the concept and the name of Shirvan restaurant, operating  since 2002 , located in the heart of Moscow, a few hundred meters from the Kremlin.


The Geography of Azerbaijan - Caspian coast, great Kura and Araks rivers, mountains and forests, subtropics and semi desert - made ??the kitchen incredibly rich in terms of ingredients. Game, meat, fish, poultry, unique sheep and goat milk cheeses, famous Azerbaijani (Baku) vegetables and greens, fruits, nuts , chestnuts are widely used for cooking. The combination of meat and dried fruit or fruit such as cherry plum is Azerbaijani cuisine's trademark.

It's impossible to imagine cooking without typical spices both local and traditionally imported from Iran and India.

Azerbaijani cuisine widely uses saffron, cumin, fennel, turmeric, cinnamon, anise, coriander, bay leaf. Dried greens leaves - mint, dill, basil, kyavar, celery, thyme.

Without saffron is not possible to relize the preparation of more than 50 different dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine and at least 10 pastries. Not conceivable to serve bozbash or piti without dried mint and sumakh.


If cooked properly, Azerbaijani cuisine can easily compete with any popular cuisine in the world. And this applies not only to kebab or shashlik (the word comes from the Azerbaijani shishlyk , " shish " - skewer) a variety of ways of cooking - that's what makes this kitchen truly unique.

Using various kitchen hearths - kyulfa, tendir, kura, saj and the dishes named after them, wooden and ceramic dishes for baking - these are the secrets of achieving the depth and the richness of flavors. With the help of these rare instruments, our chefs, who know everything about Azerbaijani cuisine create culinary masterpieces every day.

Come visit us, dear friends, and see for yourself. Discover the charm of Azerbaijani cuisine! Not having tasted it, you are depriving yourself of this great pleasure!

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