• 560 rub. 310gr.
    «Shirvan» (hot-smoked sturgeon, shrimp, avocado, eggs, cucumbers from Azerbaijan, green onion, olives, mayonnaise)
  • 360 rub. 190gr.
    "Adriatica" (mussels and cocktail shrimp, squid and marinated mushrooms, seasoned with Chef's sauce)
  • 280 rub. 225gr.
    Shemahinsky salad (turkey ham, boiled beef tongue, marinated mushrooms, green apples, European cheese, dressed with mayonnaise)
  • 290 rub. 250gr.
    Spinach salad (Baku cucumbers and tomatoes, bell peppers, radish, salad greens and spinach with savoury dressing)
  • 510 rub. 235gr.
    Ruccola with shrimp
  • 280 rub. 300gr.
    "Domashniy" (cucumbers and tomatoes, bell pepper and pepper, basil, cilantro, red onion and radish dressed with olive oil)
  • 310 rub. 260gr.
    Salad po-bakinsky (Baku tomatoes and red onion, dressed with olive oil and Narsharab sauce)
  • 370 rub. 210gr.
    «Caesar» with chicken
  • 590 rub. 200gr.
    «Caesar» with shrimp
  • 490 rub. 200gr.
    «Caesar» with salmon
  • 290 rub. 250gr.
    «Greek» (classic Greek salad with feta cheese)
  • 410 rub. 200/50gr.
    Olivier (with crayfish tails)
  • 280 rub. 200/50gr.
    «Stolichny» classic (with chicken breast)
  • 200 rub. 200gr.
  • 310 rub. 240gr.
    "Yazikoviy" (veal tongue, pickled mushrooms, cucumbers and pickled greens, cherry tomatoes, mayonnaise)
  • 290 rub. 250gr.
    «Tenderling» (chicken fillets, beef tongue, daikons, lettuce, garnets, green onion with mustard sauce)
  • 370 rub. 250gr.
    Warm salad with poultry liver (greens mix dressed with mustard sauce, chicken liver served with sauce Demi-glas)
  • 350 rub. 300gr.
    Choban-salad (Baku cucumbers and tomatoes, red onion, bell pepper, cilantro, basil, radish, olive oil)