Hot starters

  • 350 rub. 315gr.
    Lobia chigirtmasy (fresh green beans, roasted with onion, tomatos and egg)
  • 350 rub. 240/10gr.
    Mushrooms "Shirvan" (mushroom caps stuffed with chicken breast in cream, baked with cheese)
  • 420 rub. 300gr.
    «Кyu-kyu» with greens (fried eggs whith greens)
  • 400 rub. 290gr.
    Kyata "Shirvan" (home pies, filled with minced beef, mix of greens and home-made cheese)
  • 100 rub. 1pc.
    Cutaby in assortment (with meet, greens, cheese, pumpkin)
  • 300 rub. 350gr.
    Georgian cheese-pie Khachapuri
  • 310 rub. 400gr.
    Adzharian Khachapuri
  • 240 rub. 170gr.
    Cheese «Suluguni» roasted with bread-crumbs
  • 200 rub. 100gr.
    Julienne with salmon
  • 140 rub. 100gr.
    Julienne with mashroom
  • 140 rub. 100gr.
    Julienne with chiken