• 490 rub. 400gr.
    Sabzi govurma pilaff (lamb roasted with greens)
  • 450 rub. 400gr.
    Turshu govurma pilaff (lamb roasted with onions, albuhara (dry yellow plum) and chestnuts)
  • 640 rub. 350gr.
    Ajab-sandal (veal fillet with eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes and green mix)
  • 540 rub. 450gr.
    Khashlama (lamb shank with tomatoes, peppers and greens, stewed in its own juice)
  • 430 rub. 310gr.
    Choban govurma (jumbo lamb slices, roasted with onions, bell peppers, garlic, potatoes and tomatoes)
  • 500 rub. 350гр.
    Nar govurma (slices of veal or lamb (your choice), roasted with onion and chestnut)
  • 1300 rub. 1000gr.
    Tachta Govurma (for 3 people) (veal slices, lamb slices or chicken (your choice), with onion, chestnut, tomatos, bell pepper and egg, backed under bread and cheese. Served on a special frying pan)
  • 380 rub. 200/50gr.
    Yarpag dolmasy (dolma in grape leaves)
  • 320 rub. 360gr.
    "Yukha gyzartmasy" (originally decorated with lavash stewed and roasted veal, lamb meat or chicken fillets with vegetables - of your choice)
  • 280 rub. 200gr.
    Gurza (Azerbaijanian dumplings stuffed with boiled or roasted lamb at option)
  • 280 rub. 250/50gr.
    Geeima-khingal (azerbaijanian "pasta", with roasted minced lamb or veal your choice )
  • 180 rub. 3pcs.
    Georgian khinkali
  • 350 rub. 280gr.
    Dzhyz-byz (roasted lamb liver, heart, kidneys, testies with potatoes and onions)
  • 600 rub. 350gr.
    Veal homemade style (veal roasted with bell peppers, onions, potatoes and tomatoes)
  • 470 rub. 340/10gr.
    French style meat (pork fillet, baked with cheese )
  • 380 rub. 360gr.
    Pork roast in a pot (rump steak roasted with vegetables and baked with cheese in a pot)