Cold starters

  • 380 rub. 420gr.
    Vegetable plate "Moscow" (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, spicy chili peppers, radishe, greens)
  • 350 rub. 90/20gr.
    Fresh Apsheron greens
  • 800 rub. 440gr.
    Vegetable bouquet "Lux" (Baku tomatoes and greens, cucumbers, peppers, spicy chili peppers, radish)
  • 270 rub. 150gr.
    Eggplant "Shirvan" (cut into rings and fried eggplant with garlic sauce and herbs)
  • 340 rub. 135/25gr.
    Eggplant rolls (fried eggplant rolls stuffed with nuts)
  • 370 rub. 200gr.
    Roasted vegetables caviar (baked on coals eggplant, tomatoes, peppers with fresh red onions and herbs)
  • 540 rub. 100gr.
    Salmon (Light salted)
  • 700 rub. 100gr.
    Smoked sturgeon
  • 450 rub. 100gr.
    Smoked eel
  • 350 rub. 100gr.
    Cold-smoked inconnu
  • 250 rub. 100/100gr.
    Herring "with vodochka" (herring served with boiled potatoes, topped with dill and red onions, dressed with oil)
  • 1650 rub. 280/90гр.
    "Caspian gifts" (assorted tender petals of cold-smoked sturgeon, hot-smoked starred sturgeon, light-salted salmon, hot-smoked eel. Served with lemon and butter)
  • 470 rub. 50гр.
    Salmon caviar on ice (served with butter)
  • 670 rub. 300/55gr.
    Cooked cold meat mix (smoked homemade pork, chicken breast, veal tongue)
  • 180 rub. 100/50gr.
    Chicken roll
  • 290 rub. 100/50гр.
    Veal tongue
  • 280 rub. 100/50gr.
    Cold-smoked pork
  • 300 rub. 100gr.
  • 580 rub. 200/40гр.
    Cheese bazar "Zakavkazye" (Transcaucasian cheese: brynza Chanakh, shor, suluguni, Chechil, motal. Any of these and other cheese you can order a la carte.)
  • 930 rub. 20/30/150gr.
    European cheese plate (dorblu, brie, goat cheese, maasdam, honey, orange, strawberry)
  • 100 rub. 200gr.
    Gatyk (traditional homemade yogurt)